Discovering Libourne country is first and foremost about the 1,500 years of history since the first settlement of Condatis was established. This history is deeply intertwined with that of winemaking right from the start. By the 13th century the wine trade already shows a much sought after and privileged site, in the centre of a network of rivers that drain the territory to the river Dordogne between Perigueux and Bordeaux. The first golden age of the city was high in drama, with war leaving traces in the building of extensive fortifications in Libourne, with the construction of the Bastide. Elsewhere in the countryside an abundance of chapels and churches of the twelfth and thirteenth century are so many invitations to travel into the past. The story doesn't stop there - all ages have left their traces: the epic adventure of the Albret family in Vayres, the château of the famous Duke Decaze and the Republican architecture at Coutras