A long history and a fortified city, about to celebrate 750 years of existence in 2020. Libourne and its surrounding area, at the gates of Saint-Emilion, is a young and dynamic place to be, fluctuating between traditions and modernity. Its cultural life is rich and varied throughout the year, with exhibitions, festivals, and special cultural seasons.

During a stopover or a longer break, the vineyards, 15th century chateaux, monumental 19th century mills, its churches and chapels of the Romanesque period will reveal their fascinating beautiful stories. Besides all this grandeur, don't miss the smaller features that give the area all its charm - wayside chapels, ruins and hidden pathways.

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Beauty, whispers, a caress, flavours, sweetness

The Lady of the Confluence... If Libourne were a story, you'd hear its heart beating to the rhythm of the rivers, her soul shining through history, wandering through the streets in search of sweetness.

If Libourne were a story, it would be a legend, that of a little ancient port that became a queen with a beautiful face - the queen of all castles! Charlemagne, Eleanor of Aquitaine, The Black Prince, Du Guesclin... the names of those who held this strategic position resound like characters from fairy tales, yet real they were! They were the patrons, among many others, who gave the city its honours and privileges.

The river mirrors its beauty, offering visitors the unforgettable image of an island with stone walls rising from the depth of the ages - The Lady of the Confluence.

Camille Desvaux, local writer

History, coming together, wine, fun, delightful landscapes

Libourne is a cultural centre par excellence, located at the intersection of the different territories of the Nouvelle Aquitaine region. Nestled between the prestigious vineyards of Fronsac, Pomerol and Saint-Emilion, the cultural activities offered by the city are a formidable meeting point of developments in wine tourism, economic and cultural attraction.

In the centre of the old fortified town stands the town hall, classified as a historical monument. The Museum of Fine Arts presents its remarkable collection, which has been growing for nearly two hundred years. The exhibition rooms, preserved in their original spirit, exhibit major pieces from the 14th to the 20th centuries. In the chapel of Carmel, an annex of the museum, an ambitious program of temporary exhibitions mainly devoted to contemporary art can be found.

Thierry Saumier, director of the Musée des Beaux-Arts in Libourne

Rivers, vineyards, fortifications, markets, Fest'arts is the largest festival of street arts in the region

Taking place over three days, with free performances from all disciplines, for all ages, in the beautiful setting of the fortified town of Libourne. An ideal opportunity to discover both the city and its street arts!

Stéphanie Bulteau, Director, Fest-Arts

Abbey, music, organ recitals, architecture, friendship

Every yearn the members of the Association "Les Amis de l'Abbatiale de Guîtres" try to put together a season, with the highest quality and diversity as possible! The concerts and recitals on Friday evenings and Sunday afternoons have seen ever increasing success well beyond the local area for over forty years already! It must be said that I am passionate about music but also by this marvellous Benedictine church we're so lucky to use, with its exceptional acoustics. Its become a family tradition since my father also worked for several decades for the Festival of the Abbey de Guîtres

Bertrand Jaunay, President of the association "Les amis de l'Abbatiale de Guîtres"