From Saint-Seurin to Guîtres and from Libourne to Coutras, the Libourne country is renowned for its centuries-old know how in all matters wine, food, delicacies, crafts and local produce - all available in a range of welcoming shops.

Alongside them you'll also find, of course, all the big high street names, luxury brands, ready to wear, perfumers, jewellers and speciality trades, all happy to welcome you.

Whether for a gift or a souvenir just to please you, you'll find what you're looking for!

Vineyard, fortified city, market, harbour, countryside

My 'thing' is cycling - ever since I got on my first scooter, I've been pedalling. Now I have my own tricycle delivery business and I really enjoy delivering shopping and ferrying people about in town - but I particularly love riding through the vineyards of the Libournais country. You get a real sensation of freedom, and immersion in the landscape - and of course there are no difficult questions to ask about drinking or driving!

Cyrille Paquereau, owner of Ecolib and neighbourhood delivery service