A land of authenticity, the good life, life in the slow lane of the South-west, the love of fine food and wine, craftsmanship, products of excellence and ancient expertise.

Producers, farmers, craftsmen and women, bakers, chocolate makers, restaurant chefs, fishermen... all waiting to meet you - just put your head round the door!

Appreciate the privileged contact you'll have with all the local experts during your stay. Enjoy some wonderful moments of pure conviviality!

Rivers, wine, heritage, exploring, the good life

For me the Libournais country is beyond clichés—it is authenticity itself. Most of all I adore the huge variety of agricultural production here, much of it organic and traditional.

Saffron is an integral part of the local diversity, and I get great pleasure out of sharing my passion for this little flower. I'll explain to you how I work, how I grow and harvest. I sell my products directly to visitors too, it's so rewarding!

Libourne country abounds with rare and high quality produce... always with a smile as a bonus!

Jean-François Riaux, saffron grower

Rivers, fishing, lampreys, traditions, sharing

Like my grandfather before me, I've been fishing lamprey on the Dordogne for fifty years. In season, which runs from December to mid-May, I work days and nights and sleep very little, just cat-napping before another six or eight hours of work, and there's no guarantee the catch will be good! It's a hard life but I do love my river...

I love cooking lampreys but my recipe is a secret. What I can tell you is that it takes hours of preparation. If you come to the house, I'll explain my business, my passion, and tell you my one regret, that there are so few of us left, and I fear that we may lose the tradition.

Michel Zecchi, lamprey fisherman at Moulon

History, discovery, authenticity, diversity, countryside

I love the history and diversity of our country, between vineyards of renown and forests of legend. In the middle of the dense forest of Saint-Christophe-de-Double you'll find my farm - forty hectares of meadows for my flock of Manech Redhead sheep. They graze from mid-February to the end of November but in June they go on holiday!

Lescun, in the Aspe valley, is where they spend the summer until the month of September.

Then comes the cheese making season, from December to June, good cheeses with whole raw milk which I think I'm rightly proud of. It's made according to a traditional and ancestral method learned from the shepherds of Béarn. Our production is part of the regional history of the great annual sheep migration between the Pyrenees and the plains of the Gironde. For me, the cheese we produce is the cultural high point of this pastoral tradition.

I love presenting my cheeses to people who've never tried it - they're always amazed to discover the story of the bond between the vineyards of Libourne and the high mountains to the south!

Eric Guttirriez, sheep's cheese producer

Heritage, food, diversity, generosity, authenticity

Open-hearted and warm people are the charm of a region with an overabundance of culture, appreciation of the good life and, above all the food and produce of the soil.

For me, the Libournais country is synonymous with the wonderful regional markets, so colourful, with their fresh produce and expert producers. It's always a real treat for the senses!

Tasting oysters and white wine on Sunday morning at market in Libourne, meeting friends around a table, drinking and eating well, are all traditions that we really look forward to sharing with you.

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Anna Jeantet, designer and host of "L'art des mets" kitchen workshops

Friendliness, wine, terroir, curiosity, sharing

Here, in Libournais, we love its region, its "country", a bit of chauvinism maybe but it's good! Le Libournais is epicurean, he likes to share good times, local products from here and elsewhere... At the restaurant counter, which also makes wine bar, people come to have a drink, do not know each other but often end the evening together! I am sure that friendships were born in our establishment...

As a result, we wanted to reproduce this concept of friendliness and sharing in the grocery store, we installed a large table and Sunday morning it's a meeting place around oysters, shrimp, ham and wine of course... and there conversations are going well... we exchange, we laugh, we have ideas and we made many projects ... I tell you on Sunday then...

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Amina Lekir and Benjamin Rolland, restaurant Le Zinc Authentique and Grocery Store of Zinc