With Saint-Emilion (7 km), Bordeaux (30 km), and Blaye (50 km) all nearby, and only one hour from Arcachon with its ocean beaches, the Libournais country is the ideal place to stay between the Gironde and Dordogne, in the "UNESCO triangle!"

Libournais country has many faces, first among them being the fortified town of Libourne itself, nestled between rivers and vineyards but majestic and proud. Beyond the city gates you find the wonderful vineyards, known throughout the world, food to equal the quality of the wines, inspired by our country, unique architectural heritage, all in some of the most beautiful and generous countryside you'll fined anywhere!

Tasting the greatest wines in the world

The wines of the Libournais country are among the greatest and most prestigious vineyards in the world: Pomerol, Saint-Emilion, Lalande de Pomerol, Fronsac, Côtes de Castillon, Côtes de Vayres... all names with global fame.

On the hillsides, around the valleys of the rivers Dordogne and Isle, the region benefits from a perfect alchemy for the production of the wines found on all the great and most prestigious menus in the world: a climate tempered by oceanic currents, soil turned for the vine for over a thousand years and, most especially, the ancestral expertise of our winegrowers. There are wine suppliers, direct sales from producers, tasting lessons, and experts everywhere to help you get to know the finest French wines during your holidays.

Staying in the centre of the UNESCO triangle

The quays and the city of Bordeaux (30 minutes), the fortress of Blaye (45 minutes) and the city of Saint-Emilion (10 minutes away) have been classified as "outstanding heritage of humanity" sites by UNESCO. The Libournais country is located in the centre of this triangle of exceptional places, and as such is the ideal base to discover them all during your holidays.

Because the sun shines all year round here, you can spend an entire evening outside without getting cold - something those northerners will never stop being amazed about!

Surf the tidal bore on the Dordogne

The river Dordogne is omnipresent in the landscape of the Libourne country. It is considered to be the source of local life, with an exceptional biodiversity along its banks, and which is also recognised by UNESCO as a feature of outstanding scientific interest, on a world scale.

Every year, surfers and kayakers enjoy the stunning phenomenon of the tidal bore, which reminds us that the ocean is really not far away. It's an amazing thing to see, even from the bank, but if you're feeling particularly adventurous, why not experience the tidal bore yourself, with several minutes of uninterrupted surfing.

Tasting all the fantastic local produce

In the South-West we really know how to eat well!

Discover the market stalls of Libourne, pitched every Tuesday, Friday and Sunday as they have been for 600 years. A showcase of the good life in the Libournais country!

Let's see what's on the menu:

As an entrée, we offer rillettes of lamprey, a Gironde speciality, or how about a little Saint-Seurin-sur-l'Isle caviar? We follow with local foie gras, and then serve the main dish. The feast continues with duck (of course), or a an excellent entrecôte steak from the meadows of Coutras, cooked with vegetables from our organic farmers. Then comes an embarrassment of choice on the cheese board before a light dessert of Bordeaux cannelés.

To make the whole meal perfect, you probably don't have to ask what we recommend to drink!

Fun and exploring

There are special events and festivals going on all year round. We have selected three unmissable events for you: the "Fest'Arts" is the third national festival of street arts in France, which takes place in Libourne in August. MKP (Musik à Pile) is a festival of contemporary music in the beautiful setting of the Chateau de Bômale at Saint-Denis-de-Pile in June, while the festival of classical music at the abbey church of Guîtres goes on all summer. A festival for all tastes, and music for everyone!

A beautiful natural environment

Gateway to both the Périgord and the Atlantic and the Gironde, you can't fail to find a place oto enjoy! The valleys of Isle or Dronne, the hillsides of the vineyards, and of course the plateaux and forest of the Double, walking, cycling, running or running, the playground is simply enormous!

The fortified city of Libourne, 750 years of history!

The location of Libourne in the estuary of the Gironde, at the confluence of the rivers Dordogne and the Isle, was built to relpace the Gallo-Roman port of Condatis with a fortified city. English knight Sir Roger de Leyburn, who was charged with its construction in 1270, also gave it his name. Built on the model of the Roman camp, the streets form a giant checkerboard, with a central square lined with arcades. Wine bars, good restaurants and shops abound - you can't miss them during your visit.

Mills as big as castles!

Because the energy provided by the rivers Isle and Dronne is inexhaustible, many mills were built here in the 15th century and many remained in service until the 20th century. Abzac, Porchères, Laubardemont, all have monumental mills, responsible for supplying the region with flour, paper and steel. They are the remnants of the industrial heritage of the area and are another reason todiscover the valleys of Libournais country!