Savour the different landscapes in the vineyards of Pomerol, Lalande de Pomerol and Saint-Emilion, the hillsides and forests of the northern part of the Libournais country, enjoy the river banks and many unique views.

Around Libourne, your walking boots or the wheels of your bike will take you to the edge of the rivers Dordogne and Isle, through the heart of the vineyards and chateaux, immersed in an exceptional natural environment. Here, the vine grows on all sides, although hills and trees always bring plenty of variety.

Further north, the valley of the Isle offers lots of different hiking trails turned towards the beautiful rural heritage of the area; churches, mills, stone wash houses... all in generous green natural surroundings, thick forests and verdant meadows, plains and wetlands, where the fauna and flora are particularly well preserved, and offer lots of surprises to those passing through.

So, on foot or by bike, follow the trail!

The Condat trail in Libourne: 5.5 km, departure from the Chapelle de Condat

Beginning at the original site of the city of Libourne, the Condat trail is a pleasant walk between beautiful vineyards and the banks of the Dordogne.

Les Dagueys in Libourne: 5.3 km, departure from the beach

Located to the north of the city of Libourne, Dagueys is a semi- artificial port / lake where nautical disciplines take place, such as rowing or the kayaking. A path lined with trees and flowers makes a full tour of the lake and crosses the farm at Barbanne.

Brizard and Billaux wetlands trail: 10 km, departure from Dagueys lake or the church at Billaux

Close to Dagueys lake, this second trail is located in a zone of ecological interest, with a very rich ecosystem, which invites you to discover the natural side of the Libournais country!

Les Jourdennes trail at Coutras: 7.5 km, departure from the square next to the church

This is one of the really beautiful places near Libourne, which that you will discover on this trail starting from the city centre and going towards Jourdennes, a panoramic point offering you a superb point of view over the countryside around Coutras.

Bignac trail at Chamadelle: 7.5 km, departure from the village of Chamadelle

The program takes in Chamadelle and the wooded valleys which form the gateway to the Perigord, with the very particular atmosphere to discover in the north-east of the territory, where the river Dronne meanders its way through the trees

Saint-Christophe-de-Double forest trail: 8 km, departure from the outdoor leisure centre

In the Forest of Double, the outdoor leisure centre at Saint-Christophe-de-Double is a beautiful place to escape and enjoy a superb natural setting! This trail is just one of many possibilities allowing you to discover the secret forest of the Double, and all its legends!

Graviange trail in Lapouyade: 7 km

If there is a true natural playground for every type of activity, Graviange is it! On foot, running or mountain biking, this is the place!!! On foot, 8 km in a very pleasant environment with great interest to nature lovers.

Some basic precautions

The various trails cross a number of natural preserved sites, as well as places where people live. Please respect them and ensure that your time leaves only good memories!

Don't stray from the marked paths, at the risk of entering private property.

Don't pick plants or grapes.

Take your litter home (including cigarettes!)