This surprising phenomenon is particularly visible during the spring tides, and produces a wave that travels upstream against the current. Actually a series of some ten waves, it moves at a speed of 15 to 30 kph and travels up the river for up to 200 km inland, breaking against the banks quite spectacularly as it goes.

There are around sixty places in the world where you can see a tidal bore, but in France it occurs only on the Dordogne, in Vayres at the port of Saint-Pardon, and on the Garonne. The bore is an amazing natural spectacle and in the morning it is particularly beautiful sight, in the light of the rising sun, and a beautiful serenity reigns on the river after its passage.

While only a handful of local enthusiasts enjoyed it just a few years ago, it has become a very busy attraction for surf lovers from throughout the region and beyond.

Come and ride the wave and share a unique experience.

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