The Isle and the Dronne have shaped the landscapes and contributed to the development of human activities on their shores. They join together at Coutras, then flow for 15 km to the confluence with the Dordogne at Libourne.

The Dronne is the smaller and wilder stream. It cuts the plateau of the Double in two, with the slopes of Chamadelle and Lagorce to the north, and the forest of the Double to the south. The Isle has a deeper bed and a stronger flow. After passing Périgueux in the Dordogne, its banks have many mills that once used the hydraulic force to operate their machinery. The river also served as a transport link, carrying production to the nearest seaport, on the Dordogne at Libourne.

The most beautiful examples of this heritage are undoubtedly the mill of Porchères and the mill of Abzac which still today houses a dynamic company.

Beyond this economic use, the Isle and the Dronne are also home to recreational spaces where you can bathe, sail, rent a kayak or a stand up paddle board in Saint Seurin or Coutras. Stroll along the banks and enjoy the tranquillity of these relaxing waters!

Château d'Abzac