A major French river, it widens considerably as it approaches the Atlantic where its waters mingle with the Garonne to form the Gironde estuary. The water is cool, from its source in the Massif du Sancy, 450 km further upstream from Libourne to Saint-Foy-la-Grande, gateway to the greater Libourne area, after which it is subject to the tides, with a tidal range (difference between the highest and lowest point) of about 4.50 metres. These two daily tides give the river a diverse and rich ecosystem.

A vital communication link for Libourne, the river was the source of the development of the, timber and salt trades, and thus the early prosperity of the town. The Dordogne was, as the arms of the city show, a deep water port for sea-going vessels.

Today the port is a stopover and berth for river cruises, the starting point for a splendid natural universe of spectacular meanderings around the vineyards of Bergerac in the east and Fronsac to the west, the Dordogne will undoubtedly be one of the most beautiful discoveries of your holiday.