The parks, gardens and natural areas of Libourne are a breath of fresh air!

The Parc de l’Epinette, a few miles from Libourne city centre occupies a wooded area of 24,500 square metres, with walking and recreational areas, in the cool shade of the trees. A unique arboretum, a pond and a playground for children.

Further south of Libourne, in Condat, you cross a plain covered with vineyards, woods and meadows, where you can admire some beautiful sunsets as you walk along the Dordogne.

In recent years, eighteen community gardens have been opened, with fruit trees and vegetable plots, which local families adore.

Walking around Lake Dagueys is a delight for both children and adults, nature lovers and hikers. It is a truly authentic place with a rich fauna and flora, and is a paradise for birds.

Lots of places to discover and enjoy for to visitors. Areas of outstanding natural and cultural interest, animals and plants, ecological reservations, the Brizards and Billaux wetlands, all wonderful examples of the green environment around Libourne.

Graviange golf course in Lapouyade and the Lake at St. Christophe de Double also have beautiful natural environments.

Le Petit Bois in Saint-Seurin-sur-isle is a forest of 30 hectares which is home to five varieties of orchids, oak and various other species of trees typical of the region.

The Bômale de Chartreuse park in Saint-Denis-de-Pile covers four hectares. It's a beautiful park with cedars, oaks, American redwood and ginko-bilboa, a haven for relaxing, picnicking and often participating in the events that take place here, such as the MKP festival.

See life through green-coloured spectacles in and around Libourne!