The Libournais country covers a fairly large area of some 450 square kilometres, stretching about 40 km from North to South and 35 km from East to West. It is made fertile and green by the confluences between the rivers Isle, Dronne and the Dordogne, and depending on the weather and your mood, can also be considered as gateway to both the Gironde and the Perigord!

The rivers Dordogne and Isle are subject to tides, and both have an annual tidal bore, where river water meets seawater from the Gironde estuary and the ocean to the west. It is an area of outstanding natural and ecological interest, with abundant flora and fauna, especially many emblematic wetland species.

The hills to the north and south of Libourne, cut by the valleys of the Dordogne, the Isle and the Dronne, form radically different landscapes composed of hilly plateaus principally dedicated to the cultivation of the vine. The plateaus and hills north of Libourne are more wooded towards Lapouyade, Saint-Christophe-de-Double and Chamadelle, where the natural environment is really beautiful!