To fully enjoy your summer in the Libourne, the Tourist Office and its partners have prepared lots of activities and events. There's something for everyone!

Family, friends or "just the two of us," find the formula that suits you best and discover the Libourne country like you've never seen it before!

Wine tasting

Structured, silky, a golden robe, or perhaps strong red fruit flavours but still a little young... An initiation to tasting to finally understand this elegant but terribly technical vocabulary! In among the chateaux and prestigious appellations of the Libourne country, our wine experts will share their knowledge with you, granting you the keys to really understanding wine!

Libourne, just the two of us

Discover Libourne in an Ecolib pedal taxi with Cyril. The ride ends at Château l’Epine, in Saint-Emilion Grand Cru, with a tour of the property and wine tasting.

Anna Jeantet

Anna's kitchen

"Regional cuisine, seasonal products and conviviality" could be the motto of Anna Jeantet, your personal coach in the kitchen! Whatever your level, provided you love food, she'll be delighted to share her knowledge and love of cooking with you.

Guided tours with Christophe

Libourne, Guîtres, Coutras, Saint Christophe de Double, Saint Denis de Pile, Génissac, Saint Martin de Laye/Bonzac

What better than learning about the Libourne country from someone who knows it inside out!

From the walled town of Libourne to the small village of Saint Christophe de Double, the original buildings of Duc Decazes, surprising little towns like Génissac, their history, anecdotes about life, architectural details, all opened up and explained on your personal guided tour!

A clip-clopping carriage ride

An original and fun way to discover the streets and byways of the old walled town of Libourne, the grand mill at Porchères and lots of other points of outstanding natural and cultural interest

At a gentle horse-drawn speed, led by the bridle by Christian, the views unfold, revealing beautiful places at a different pace, as if in another era, to the sound of horse shoes on cobbles.

Spectacular countryside

The Libourne countryside, with its rivers, rich in natural treasures, all explained by our enthusiastic guides! On the banks of the river or in the special natural flora and fauna reserves of the Brizards wetlands, learn about the plants and animals that abound - an education in the nature and environment of the region.

Little explorers

The natural world is also a wonderful playground and place of discovery for little explorers! Our guides know how to fill youngsters with enthusiasm and knowledge while they have fun. Workshops for budding artists, making natural musical instruments, observation of pond life and river banks, the area around Libourne is a gigantic natural playground!

Exploring the river Isle by Rabaska canoe

On board a fourteen-place Canadian canoe, set off for an unforgettable discovery ride along the river Isle at Coutras. To the sound of paddles and the flow of the river, it's undeniably the best time you'll ever experience in a fourteen-place Canadian canoe on a river in France, under the watchful eye of the master of the ship - come and try it for yourself!

Libourne country, an anglers paradise

Nothing like fishing to get away from it all and spend some quality time staring at the same scenery for hours on end, waiting for the little thing on the end of your line to move!

Guided by a member of the Gironde fishing federation, apprentice anglers will learn the basics of fishing techniques and gain a thorough knowledge of the kind of fish to look out for in our rivers!